PixelatedBull is a small studio with the aim of producing monetisable interactive web content. With the BETA launch of JackyJS you can expect to see our product list grow over the coming months. For now please check out what we do have available. Be sure to watch this space!


A full featured HTML5 Javascript game engine/framework, specifically built for the web developer. Full of specialized features competing products do not have. Build web games FAST!



A Space Invaders kind of HTML5 web game where the Earth has to protect itself from Coronavirus invaders. Use Earth's syringe defence system to blast colourful viruses that have different movement patterns. Work your way up to a final boss and capture its crown for supreme victory.


Wealthy Hog

A unique coin-sliding iOS game built with one goal in mind: Getting out of DEBT! Deceptively simple but with enough depth and replay value to keep you coming back.

NOTE: this game is no longer downloadable from the APP store.